ES240V Digital veterinary color doppler ultrasound imaging system

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ES240V Digital veterinary color doppler ultrasound imaging system

Modelo ES240V
Orden mínima 1
Capacidad de suministro 10000 piezas por año
Pago T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Carta de crédito irrevocable, PayPal
Puerto Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc
Certificación ISO13485
Entrega 1 to 3 working days after receiving payment
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ES240V is a powerful and versatile digital veterinary color DOPPLER ultrasound imaging system that helps to meet a wide variety of general diagnostic imaging needs. It's packed with advanced technology that delivers excellent diagnostic images with quality, speed and precision in routine or difficult exams. All of the classic and newly invented features will take your imaging experience to a new level. It satisfies most of veterinary clinical requirements, significantly expanding the value of ultrasound. With the exceptional imaging quality, this system is built to deliver outstanding value for our customers worldwide. It's provides practical choices and good investment for veterinary service centers, veterinary clinics, research institutes, etc

Comprehensive clinical application solutions

* Built-in 500G hard disk, mass storage of patient data
* Dual real-time dynamic display of 2d images and color blood flow map
*Designed with USB, VGA Print, S-Video and other standard interfaces to meet the needs of data transfer and external devices
* Built-in workstations that support quick searches of patient data and movie previews
* DICOM 3.0 to connect seamlessly with hospital PACS system
* One-click fast storage of movie files, effectively improving work efficiency
* With pluggable built-in large capacity lithium battery

Advanced ultrasound imaging technologies

* Spatial composite imaging
The single image artifact is attenuated by multi-angle image recombination to improve signal-to-noise ratio

*PHI pulse inverse tissue harmonic imaging + frequency combination technique
Ensuring good penetration and obtain a more delicate two-dimensional image

* Color Doppler enhancement technology
Effectively suppressing color blood flow flickering noise and improving blood flow sensitivity

* Speckle noise suppression technology
Eliminating speckle noise and improving signal-to-noise ratio

*B mode image enhancement technology
Enhancing the image quality in B mode

*Automatic measurement of endovascular media (IMT)

Auto IMT function traces the intima automatically and measures the thickness of the intima, which allows you to measure the intima much faster, more easily and acurately
Auto IMT function ultrasound images
* Multi-beam parallel processing technology
Quadruple beam parallel processing ensures good image resolution and improves image- refreshing frame rate

* Multiple imaging modes
B, C, PW, CW, BCD, large Angle deflection imaging, real-time wide-field imaging, trapezoidal imaging (only supported by linear array), anatomical M-type, tissue Doppler imaging, etc

* A variety of optional ultrasound transducers for you to choose from:

Electronic multi-frequency broad-band convex, linear, micro-convex, transvaginal, phased array probe, etc
Optional ultrasonic probes for ES240 digital color Doppler ultrasound

Triplex Mode

Triplex combines B, Color and PW to enable the users to make diagnosis more conveniently and accurately at a higher working efficiency
Triplex mode color doppler ultrasound

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